PI Kolping University of Applied Sciences – Public Institution Kolping University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter referred to as KUAS) is a non-governmental school of higher education, providing the first cycle higher education college studies.

In 1996, Kolping college was established, in 2001 it became an institution of higher education –  Public Institution Kolping University of Applied Sciences (hereinafter referred to as KUAS), currently located in Kaunas Old Town. Founder of the University of Applied Sciences is the Lithuanian Kolping Foundation – a Catholic charity and support organization that brings together socially responsible people, acting on the self-help basis; shareholder is Kolping Bildungswerk Wuerttemberg (KBW), Germany. University of Applied Sciences is established to implement one of the priority activities of theLithuanian Kolping Foundation, – the educational activities. One of the aims of KUAS is to develop social leaders and to help young people realize their own dignity and value, to gain confidence in their inner strength, and after obtaining strong professional knowledge to become good specialists, able to adapt in the rapidly changing labour market.

KUAS is supported by the International Kolping Society (www.kolping.net), which has about 500 thousand members in 60 countries around the world. Centre of the Society is in Germany, in Cologne, where the Society’s founder Blessed reverend Adolf Kolping began his activities. Blessed Adolf Kolping was one of the most prominent leaders of social Catholicism in the 19th century and a social educator whose activities, having acquired a wide international reach, is continued up to this day.


Kolping University of Applied Sciences is the institution of higher education aimed at developing educational activities of the International Kolping Society. It is responsive to changing environments and provides an opportunity for students to become highly-skilled specialists, to consciously perceive and disseminate truth and goodness, following the Christian values and the principles of community.


To train professionals with a higher college qualification and the underlying Christian morality in their activities; to ensure modern study process in accordance with the requirements of European Higher Education Area and in close cooperation with the social partners; to develop students’ key competences and promote active citizenship necessary for graduates’ work and continuing studies; to educate and ennoble society by developing its spirituality, humanitarian, professional and information culture, solidarity and subsidiarity, fostering Catholic values, understanding of the universal good, and using the Catholic campus ministry, competence and contacts of the International Kolping Society.

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