Commissioned research

The KUAS Development Strategy foresees development of applied research in collaboration with academic and social partners. Applied research is conducted on various subjects of social sciences and business management, with the aim to analyse relevant social, business, environmental, tourism and other problems and to find solutions. In their research, researchers combine their academic knowledge with innovative research methods.

List of the most significant commissioned applied research:

Commissioned research Customer
Resolution of conflicts in an international company UAB “Linėja transport”
Evaluation of tourism services in Dzūkija National Park Directorate of Dzūkija National Park and Čepkeliai State Nature Reserve
Forms and methods of educative activities in the development of sustainable tourism Camping site “Šeimos Vila” (Family Villa)
Possibilities of adapting natural and cultural objects in Kupiškis district Public Institution Kupiškis Tourism and Business Information Centre
Experiences of single mothers living in the Crisis Centre SBĮ (Municipal Budget Institution) Kaunas District Social Services Centre
Overcoming social exclusion of disabled people: the role of employment Sports club of the disabled of Telšiai county “Atletas”
The role of social worker in developing independent living skills of persons with intellectual disability VšĮ (Public Institution) “Gyvenimo namai sutrikusio intelekto asmenims” (Home of Life for persons with intellectual disabilities)
Peculiarities of the social workers’ communication with young people with multiple disabilities Panevėžys Youth Day Centre
Experience of dignity by the elderly in the social assistance process Jonava district Social Services Centre
Mothers’ experiences of raising a child with a mental disability Kaunas Disabled Youth Day Centre