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Located in downtown Kaunas, the Kolping University of Applied Sciences is a private non-university higher education institution, granting Professional Bachelor degrees. The   University of Applied Sciences was established by the Lithuanian Kolping Foundation, a Catholic charity and support organization.

Kolpingo kolegija steigejo stipendija

“If you seek for a better future it is your own responsibility to create it”

Kolping  University of Applied Sciences  was established in 2001 after reorganization of Kolping Further Education School founded in 1996, to educate and train humanistic minded professionals for the small and medium-sized business environment.

One of the goals beyond establishment of the Kolping  University of Applied Sciences was to create and open an educational institution to develop social leaders. The second goal was to help demotivated young people perceive their personal dignity and value, to develop their confidence in internal strength and after they gain professional expertise to help them become masterful specialists able to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the labour market.

The motto of the  Kolping  University of Applied Sciences  is: “If you seek for a better future it is your own responsibility to create it”. These are the words of blessed Adolph Kolping who was hold up as an example when establishing the Lithuanian Kolping Society, included in the International Kolping society that unites about 500 000 members in 57 different countries of the world with its centre in Cologne, Germany, where the establisher of the Society blessed Adolph Kolping worked.

Kolpingo kolegija - tarptautiskumas

Professional Bachelor’s degree is granted

Kolping University of Applied Sciences offers following eight different programs of studies: English Business language, Ecotourism, Finances, Financial Accounting in Public Sector, International Management, , Social work, Law.

Moreover, in the spring semester of academic year 2012/2013 Kolping University of Applied Sciences also offers three programs in English language: Business Management, Finances and Social work.

After the external institutional expert assessment in 2006 the   University of Applied Sciences  was accredited as an institution and in 2007 after amendments of Higher Education Act came into force, the  was empowered by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania to grant Professional Bachelor’s degree. Such diplomas are recognized by many European countries for many years already.

The main aspect of the Kolping  University of Applied Sciences  culture is the personal attention and assistance to individuals in forming the basic moral attitudes of Christianity and acquiring internal strength for humanisation of social and economic environment. The   University of Applied Sciences  follows moral guiding principles of the Kolping Society that are based on Christian social training shaping a Catholic attitude towards values of life and current activity (for more information on Lithuanian Kolping Society refer to http://lkd.kolping.lt/english.php).

Kolpingo kolegija - praktika uzsienyje

An opportunity to study abroad

Different scientific conferences and seminars take place in the   University of Applied Sciences. Students have an opportunity to improve their skills not only in Lithuania, but also to study abroad on the basis of LLP/Erasmus and other student exchange programmes and to continue their studies in different foreign countries. On the basis of this program, lecturers from partner-universities in different foreign countries come to   Kolping  University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania to give lectures resulting in additional competencies for students.

The   Kolping  University of Applied Sciences organizes traditional student events and calendar holidays. Students, lecturers and administration take part in “Christmas Charity Fair”. Before Christmas, lecturers of the Law Department arrange free-of-charge juridical consultations for the poor citizens. Lecturers and students of the  Kolping  University of Applied Sciences  support children fostered in Kaunas’ “Atžalyno” Shelter Home for Kids and in the 1st Special Boarding School.

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