Success Stories

Eglė Jasulevičiūtė
Graduate of Child Welfare and Social Security Program
Social worker

When I decided to start studying, I discovered KUAS online. Their motto caught my eye, which matched the slogan of my life: ‘If you want a better future, you must build it yourself’ (Priest Adolf Kolping). After arriving at the direct enrolment at KUAS, I immediately felt the spirit of a small and community college.

The most significant discovery is the endless support of lecturers and the immeasurable encouragement to strive and improve. Throughout the entire period of my studies, I received constant support and assistance from lecturers. Even after graduating, our cooperation did not cease. I can assure you that KUAS has given a solid foundation for me as a human being and as a social worker. I gained a more tolerant, empathetic attitude towards social work and people with disabilities.

While still studying in the second year, I visited a disability centre, where I soon started volunteering and then working. Thanks to the lecturers of KUAS, I discovered the job I love. Only the constant encouragement of the lecturers of KUAS helped me make up my mind to enrol on master’s studies in social work and move on in my life journey.

For entrants and students, I wish to take everything the studies at KUAS offer and provide. Be curious and courageous. For what I am now, for my attitude as a human and Social worker, I am grateful to KUAS!

Agnė Aputytė
Graduate of Child Welfare and Social Security Program

While studying at KUAS, I liked the general atmosphere of the college, its unity. Throughout the entire study period, I felt the support from lecturers, help, encouragement to get involved in various activities. Most of the lecturers are practitioners, so it was possible to feel their commitment and passion for work and speciality, which inspired me a lot.

During my studies, I had an internship at a women’s crisis centre. After graduation, I got a job there. The KUAS gave me a solid knowledge base and motivation to move forward, so I pursued a master’s degree further.

I wish the future students to absorb all the information and experience conveyed to them by the lecturers. Participate and try to get involved in the KUAS community life because your experience will be priceless. So, if you want quality studies, motivating lecturers, and an excellent study time, I invite you to choose KUAS. Good luck!

Angerda Pranckevičiūtė
Graduate of the Ecotourism Program

While studying, I was incredibly pleased with the quality of the studies: the lecturers are real professionals in their field. They passed on their vivid and vast practical experience during the lectures. KUAS allowed me to participate in international student conferences. I gave presentations to the audience, thus, enhancing my public speaking skills.

I consider the chance to have an internship in companies beneficial. In my second year, I had an internship at the Apple Economy Hotel, where I improved my communication and foreign language skills and expanded my acquaintances’ circle. During my final internship, I improved my theoretical skills at my internship place — Kaunas Airport — where I got a job and successfully worked to this day.

Giedrius Jonys
Graduate of the Social Work Management Program
Senior social worker

Studies at KUAS are one of the best experiences: gaining new knowledge, skills and forming values that provide confidence not only in the professional path but also in my personal life. I am grateful to KUAS for helping me to discover and get to know myself better. I got solid foundations for life, and it gave me a push in the proper professional direction.

While studying at KUAS, I appreciated the college community, the positive attitude towards a student and their personality. During the study period, I felt constant help, respect, and aspiration from the lecturers. They were ready to educate socially responsible people and good specialists in their field, which significantly impacted young people’s personalities and values. The college also pays great attention to practical activities. It is essential since the students can better apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies and further develop them in the practical professional activities of their choice. Also, KUAS lecturers were not only theorists but also practitioners. They are excellent field specialists who share their life examples, experiences, and insights with students. I think all these aspects have enriched the entire study process.

While still studying in the third year, during my final internship, I got a job at my place of internship “Kaunas Children’s Home ‘Atžalynas’“ where I took the position of a social worker position. Since 2017, Kaunas Children’s Home ‘Atžalynas’ has been reorganised and merged with Kaunas municipality children’s home. I am working as a senior social worker in this institution.

I am thrilled that after graduation, my relationship with the college continued. I am happy that I have kept close contact with the KUAS community. I participate in various activities and social partner meetings, and I am a Committee on Social Work Study Programs at KUAS. I celebrate every achievement of the college and its innovations.

Laura Petrauskaitė
Graduate of the Ecotourism Program
Hotel administrator

Not only did I study at KUAS, but I was actively involved in organised activities. I joined the student representation and later became its president. KUAS allowed me to intern at the Apple Economy hotel and go to Greece via Erasmus+ to work in a hotel.

After the practice, I got the opportunity to work as a hotel administrator at the Apple Economy hotel. After graduation from college, I further deepened my knowledge in the courses organised by the company ‘Mūsų odisėja’ guides and tour guides. After completing them, I had a chance to take people on excursions and organise them.

I am happy about the opportunities offered by KUAS to study and improve, and I wish other students to achieve their goals!

Evelina Gečaitė
Graduate of Child Welfare and Social Security Program
Social worker

I discovered this speciality completely unexpectedly, still in the school library during a free lesson, reviewing I liked study programs. When I saw this study program offered in the college, I immediately realised that was what I wanted. I was sure, after graduating from school, without waiting for a general enrolment, I went to a direct enrolment to college.

I can tell you that these were the best three years of my life. Since the lectures at KUAS take place until Thursday, I was able to devote Friday to volunteering and to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice. This helped me to learn the theoretical material much better and more accessible. I also liked that we got a lot of practice, many practical examples, and case studies. During the lectures, the focus was on students’ learning the information through experience.

Most of all, I appreciate the warm atmosphere in KUAS. It has become like home; returning there is a pleasure even now. I always find supportive lecturers and administrative employees who focus on each student’s problems, needs, and joys. Even after graduation, I continue to get help; I am still often asked how I am doing, and get invited to simply stop by because the Kolping family cares about their children.

The best experience during my studies was an internship in Greece via the Erasmus+ exchange program. After completing the second year, I spent my warm summer practising with children. Without the help and support of the Kolping community, I would not have had the courage to do that. I had never dreamt of an internship abroad, and I recommend that all students take advantage of this opportunity. An internship in another country gave me the courage to travel further and discover the world.

A few days after graduation, I got a social worker’s job in a children’s home in Kaunas Municipality for several days. Moreover, a year later, I received an invitation to work in the Caritas Convicts Reintegration Program of the Kaunas Archdiocese, where I participated as a volunteer from the very first year.

After graduation from KUAS, I got the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in another higher education institution; I received a state-funded place! Moreover, after my master’s degree, I took a break and went to get to know the faraway country of Australia. Currently, I am improving my English skills here and planning further courses related to social work. So, I am sending sunny greetings from Sydney!

Monika Daunoravičiūtė
Graduate of Ecotourism Program
Tourism manager

I graduated from the Ecotourism study program, the only one in Lithuania, at KUAS. The completed program was a start towards my career. I currently work as a tourism manager at ‘Mūsų odisėja’, UAB. I was employed after a successful internship in this company.

At KUAS, I got a chance to expand the circle of my acquaintances, get involved in organised activities, conferences, and deepen my communication skills, which I apply at my workplace today.

Neringa Pečiulytė-Valuckienė
Graduate of Child Welfare and Social Security Program
Social worker

KUAS allowed me to become a qualified social work specialist in child welfare and social security. I recommend that future students choose studies at KUAS because the lecturers working here are specialists in their field. It is genuinely lovely to see that the college employs terrific people who, when the need arises, reach out and are constantly motivating to achieve dreams and goals. The lectures were fascinating, and the studies themselves did not seem too long. During my studies at the college, I constantly felt like I was a member of the community.

Currently, I am working as a Case Manager at the Social Service Centre of Jonava District. Only after graduation from the KUAS did I get a job by the speciality.

The KUAS diploma enabled me to pursue the master’s degree studies, as many subjects were credited.

Dovilė Totulytė
Graduate of Social Work Management Program
Social worker

I chose to study social work because I wanted to help others from an early age. Therefore, without any hesitation, I chose Social Work Management studies. During my studies at KUAS, I gained lots of new knowledge and practical advice that I can apply now in my professional activities. Sincere communication of college lecturers, cooperation, and knowledge passed on by them helped me form not only professional but also personal values and develop comprehension on how to target one’s help to oneself and others effectively.

After graduation, I quickly settled in the labour market, found a job that suited my education and needs. I like the work I do as a Social worker. Now I can say that I have my dream job.

I wish future students not to doubt their choice and choose Social Work Management studies.