Experiential Learning Centre

In 2014, the Experiential Learning Centre (hereinafter – ELC) has been established within the KUAS, which is a unit of the KUAS responsible for non-formal adult education. ELC offers competency and professional development programs for adults to improve their professional qualifications, acquire additional competencies, and develop general skills.

From April 2021, ELC is organizing new trainings for assistant social workers (program accredited by the Department of Supervision of Social Services).  In collaboration with various organizations, this Centre organizes seminars on relevant topics: about time management, business organization, team building, career planning, creative thinking, communication and cooperation. Taking into account the needs of the social partners and responding to the uniqueness and values of KUAS, seminars on eco-thinking and ecology, empowerment, stress and anxiety prevention, generational peculiarities and other topics are organized. ELC has a Family Academy, which organizes seminars for families on positive parenting and children’s education.

Each year, about 10 additional seminars are presented to the public, focusing on entrepreneurship, teamwork, creative thinking, ecological thinking, innovative learning methods, digital learning, leadership, and computer literacy. Each year, about 1350 adult learners upgrade their qualifications at the ELC.

The ELC operating in KUAS monitors and analyses lifelong learning, identifies the need for non-formal adult education services, taking into account key social areas: labour market and employment, social integration, staff professional development and improvement of competences, family education, inclusion and education of young and older people. ELC anticipates and ensures the variety of forms and conditions of lifelong learning, evaluates the services provided.