Objective(s) of the study program: to prepare multidisciplinary qualified financial accounting professionals who are able to organize and manage independently the accounting of business and public sector entities, prepare financial statements and budget execution report statements, tax and statistical reports, calculate taxes, analyse, control and plan financial, material and human resources of businesses and public sector entities; to follow in their activities the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania that regulates the accounting, Public sector accounting and financial reporting standards, Business accounting standards.

Upon completion of this program students are awarded the professional bachelor’s degree in Public Sector Financial Accounting.

State code: 653N43001 Granted degree / professional qualification: Professional Bachelor of Business Management
Study area: Social sciences The program is registered: 
Study field: Finances
Duration of studies: NL – 3 years, I – 4 years
Extent of the program in credits: 180


Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, South Africa.

Students also have the opportunity to practice in various global Kolping network organizations.


Graduates can continue their studies in the second cycle of studies, according to the procedures of the higher education institution.

Upon completion, graduates will be able to work in business enterprises, public institutions, organizations, budgetary institutions – as specialists in accounting and finance divisions; in audit companies – as assistant auditors and internal auditors; to set up an accounting services company.

Study field subjects – Applied Mathematics, Information Technology, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Fundamentals of Management, Finance Theory, Basics of Financial Accounting, Public Sector Institutional System, Statistics, Public Finance, Public Sector Budgeting, Taxes, Basics of Law, Basics of Audit, Public Sector Accounting Standards (VSAFAS), Accounting in the Public Sector (KD), Economic Analysis, Internal Control in the Public Sector, Financial Audit, Public Sector Administration, Strategic Management, Financial and Investment Management, Computerized Accounting Programs, Internal Audit in the Public Sector.

General subjects – two foreign languages, Philosophy, Language Culture, Christian Social Teaching.

COMPETITIVE SCORE Mathematics (0.4), Lithuanian language and literature (0.2)
Maturity exams OR annual grade of the subjects History or Geography (0.2)
Annual grade of the subjects (only one of the listed subjects, which should not coincide with the previously selected subjects) Foreign language/Information Technology/Biology/Arts/Geography/History (0.2)

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Form the business and public sector entity’s accounting policies,
  • Plan and organize the work of accounting services,
  • Manage accounting of a business and public sector entity,
  • Prepare financial, tax and statistical reports,
  • Control the application of accounting policy provisions,
  • Select and apply the forms for execution of economic processes and payment control,
  • Exercise financial control,
  • Apply indicators which characterize financial activities and analyse them,
  • Summarize and evaluate the public sector entity’s financial position and results of operations,
  • Prepare budgets and monitor their execution.
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